What's Cookin'?

Whether you’re hungry for breakfastlunch, or dinner, for something light or a feast, we’ve got you covered! We are well known for our breakfasts, burgers, and wholesome comfort-food dinners, as well as our ever-changing daily and weekly featured board specials.  Check out our menu, or read the highlights below.



Did you know our burgers are 100% Canadian ground beef?  That’s why they taste so darn good!  We make every burger in house, by hand, without any fillers.  We can’t help it, we’re burger purists – but don’t let that fool you – while we’re conservative about what’s in our burgers, we’re radicals when it comes to what’s on our burgers! We have 8 different burgers to choose from with toppings ranging from classic to adventurous, plus every week we create a new burger masterpiece.  Check out our Burger of the Week

Home-made Soups


Every day we make a great big pot of home-made soup, from scratch, with wholesome ingredients! Follow us on twitter for the low down on today’s soup.

Daily Lunch and Dinner Features

In addition to our regular menu, we’re always offering something a little different.  Every day we offer lunch and dinner features.  Some of our most popular features include Cajun Style Blackened Catfish, Filet Mignon, and Grilled Rainbow Trout.  You can keep track of what’s new by following us on twitter.

Weekend Breakfast Features

When the weekend rolls around we reward you for rolling out of bed with breakfast features every Saturday and Sunday.  Past favorites include Fresh strawberry and cream-cheese stuffed French toast, Meatloaf and Eggs, and Huevos Rancheros – Yum! Check out our breakfast page here.

Surprise! Board Specials!


Just to shake things up, we like to throw in other special items here and there, too, like seasonal appetizers and home-made desserts. Watch our blackboards for special features – we add new ones all the time!

Shakes and Desserts

We always offer pie and ice cream, sundaes, and butter tarts - but pay attention, we sneak other treats in too.  Carrot cake, home-made brownies, and fresh strawberries and cream are available from time to time, as well as whatever else we get a hankering for. Check out our desert and shakes page here.