Our Community Rocks!


We feel so privileged to call North Hastings home, and welcome you to come see why. 

There is nowhere else we'd rather be than right here in beautiful North Hastings.  Celebrated as Ontario's Most Talented Town, and the Mineral Capital of Canada, Bancroft is an incredibly vibrant hub for the area. 

There's something magical about this area - the rolling hills, clean air, dense forests, sparkling lakes and rich minerals come together to make one of the most beautiful places in the world - this place rejuvenates the soul, instills a sense of peace, and lifts the spirit. No wonder so many creative and interesting people choose to spend their time here.  If you're looking for the serenity of nature - it's here.  If you're looking for a sense of community - it's here.  If you're looking for relaxation, entertainment, culture, adventure, it's all here.  We welcome you to our community!

There is always something happening - check out our Special Events in the Community post for details on music, art and rockhounding - and there are so many wonderful places to visit, including provincial parks, beaches, and scenic trails and roads.  Some of our favourites are listed below

Silent Lake Provincial Park

Paudash Beach

Egan Chute

The Beaches of North Hastings

Country Roads Magazine - Celebrating Life in Hastings County

Eagles Nest Park