By Melanie Chambers, Published by The Spoked Traveller — Ramona stares out the window and pauses before answering my questions about The Craftsman Restaurant that is going on 26-years-old in December. It’s a cottage country institution and she’s ruminating about how things have changed since the beginning. (Located on highway 28 South in Paudash– the small town just before Bancroft). Breakfast: smoked salmon burrito with capers and homefries. Drool.

Hunting for Gems in Ontario’s Highlands

By Dan Rubinstein, En Route Magazine — Perched on a hill above the highway, Craftsman looks like a little yellow house. Inside, with a plate of lightly breaded Lake Erie perch, a bottle of Ontario’s Church Key pale ale and a guy on a guitar in the corner covering Blue Rodeo and Gordon Lightfoot songs, the Craftsman feels like home.

Real World Food Heroes recognized in North Hastings

By Nate Smelle, Bancroft This Week — The husband and wife team have owned the Craftsman restaurant near Bancroft for more than 28 years. The Craftsmans motto speaks for itself ìReal Food for Real People. In that time they have strived to make the food they sell more sustainable every year. “I am very careful what food I bring into my kitchen and how it is prepared,” said Thomson. “I am very careful to stay informed and only bring sustainable products into my kitchen, and will remove any product from the menu that I feel no longer meets our sustainability standards.”