Staying True to Our Our Values


We’re a thoughtful bunch around here, and we stand behind our values. We have our own Food Philosophy, but we also feel strongly about:


Real food for real people has been our motto for years.  That means we take pride in the meals we serve our guests, using sustainable wholesome ingredients (check out our food philosophy page).  But it also means we take pride in how we treat our guests.

Our guests aren't just customers - they're part of the Craftsman Community. We’ve been in business long enough to see our guests grow year after year; have families; travel life’s highs and lows.  We take care of our guests because we care about our guests.


Ours is a mixed up hodge-podge of a community – made up of year-round residents, artists, trades-people, entrepreneurs, rock-hounders, kids, seniors, cottagers, campers, world travelers, hikers and rock-climbers – and we embrace them all.  We love our community and support it by getting involved whenever and however we can.  We regularly sponsor arts and community events, use social networks to promote the area, and occasionally host events.


Respect is a biggie for us, and it means a lot of different things.

We respect the Earth, which is why we:

  • use sustainable products (check our Food Philosophy for more)
  • have a well-established recycling and composting program
  • Use our own compost as natural fertilizer in our gardens
  • Grow native plants that support wild pollinators

We respect traditions, like using wholesome ingredients to cook healthy meals from scratch.

We respect diversity, and love that our guests all have unique backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, and stories to share.