Coffee and Tea


Around here we’re serious about our coffee and tea. We grind our own coffee beans – and those beans are fair trade, organic and shade grown (bird friendly).  So you can feel awake and socially responsible, too! And we like our tea the way tea is supposed to be – made with boiling water, straight out of the kettle.  In the mood for something different?  We have an extensive tea list.

Milk, Juice and Soft Drinks

We also offer Canadian milk, 100% pure not from concentrate juices, and an assortment of pop.  And of course summer wouldn’t be summer without iced tea and lemonade.

Shakes and Floats

Yeah, we're old school - we make real-old fashioned shakes and floats.  Yum!

From the Bar

Yes, we’re licensed!


There’s nothing like a cold one to go with your burger on a hot summer day! We carry bottles of mainstream domestic beers, and some microbreweries, too.


Our wine list is short but sweet.  We offer red and white wines from Ontario’s own Peele Island Winery, as well as French classics like Partager and Le Piat D’Or.


We carry premium liquor and liqueurs, and make a mean Bloody Caesar, as spicy as you like it!