Craftsman Restaurant Paudash Ontario

Steak Night - Every Wednesday - Oh Yeah!


First we start off with great Canadian beef! That's right - we offer Canadian AAA grade strip-loin steak.  It's our favorite because it's cut from the short loin so it's incredibly tender and flavorful, while still being lean.



Then we cut it to order which makes all the difference as far as we're concerned.  It means your steak is always fresh and juicy. Never dried out or tough. And you decide whether you want 8, 10, or 16 oz of deliciousness!



Finally we crown it with sauteed mushrooms! Or fried onions if you prefer.  And would we dream of serving you steak without baked potato, sour cream, veggies and garlic bread?  No way!




So put it on your calender - Wednesday night is Craftsman Steak Night!